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Harry Potter Challenge - Day 7

Your favourite female character and why?
 Its a no brainer isn't it really? It's got to be Hermione.
She's every bit as equal in brains, bravery and guts 
as the two boys. She's a new form of 'heroine'. She's
not content with playing the traditional role of
standing by while the boys do the work. She's
what every young girl should aspire to be like, 
intelligent, loyal, brave and kind.
 Emma Watson was perfectly cast in this role, 
she perfectly embodies Hermione!

She was so much like myself.
I mean, I was seriously, seriously nerdy.
And I was very—kind of insecure like she was.
I was quite a tomboy.
I wasn’t super popular or anything so I basically was her,
to be fair.
I used to sit there in interviews and be like, “I’m not like
her at all.” And try to convince everyone that I wasn’t.
I was absolutely adamant.
I’ve just accepted it now.
-Emma Watson comparing herself to her character
 Hermione Granger

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