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Harry Potter Challenge - Day 10

Pick your favourite Horcrux
 I can't really say that any of them are my favourite
as they are ultimately one of the things keeping
Voldemort alive.
 The one I find most interesting is Harry. He's the
horcrux Voldemort never meant to make. Its why 
Harry can read Voldemort's thoughts, he can sense
the other horcruxes and hes a parselmouth. 
 There's so many reasons why I find Harry the most
interesting, but short of reading you all of the 
books I don't think I can do them justice 
in one blog post.

"JK Rowling revealed that Hermione’s real
father is actually Hagrid and that’s why
her hair was so big."


" When I did Equus over here, this girl asked me
at the opening party, “How did you prepare for
this show?” and like really obviously wanted me
to say, “Well I sit in a stable for a couple of
days and talk to myself,” and I was like, “Well
I watched Spongebob 3 til 4."

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 9

Your least favourite male character and why?
 Like all of my previous answers, I have a few characters
I don't particularly like. Mostly the sly, disloyal ones like
Lucius and Draco Malfoy and Wormtail.
 Obviously, I don't like Voldemort. But, like Emi said,
without him there would not a story.
 In the Deathly Hallows, Griphook is my least
favourite character. He's uses underhand methods
for his own gain, with no consideration of the situation
he has left Harry, Ron and Hermione in.  

Harry and Nev!

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 8

What do you think your favourite subject at
Hogwarts would be?
 I think it would be transfiguration or charms.
They would be the most useful. But I would
also love to play quidditch!
 Muggle school just doesn't cut the mustard.

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 7

Your favourite female character and why?
 Its a no brainer isn't it really? It's got to be Hermione.
She's every bit as equal in brains, bravery and guts 
as the two boys. She's a new form of 'heroine'. She's
not content with playing the traditional role of
standing by while the boys do the work. She's
what every young girl should aspire to be like, 
intelligent, loyal, brave and kind.
 Emma Watson was perfectly cast in this role, 
she perfectly embodies Hermione!

She was so much like myself.
I mean, I was seriously, seriously nerdy.
And I was very—kind of insecure like she was.
I was quite a tomboy.
I wasn’t super popular or anything so I basically was her,
to be fair.
I used to sit there in interviews and be like, “I’m not like
her at all.” And try to convince everyone that I wasn’t.
I was absolutely adamant.
I’ve just accepted it now.
-Emma Watson comparing herself to her character
 Hermione Granger

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 6

What house would you want to be in
and which house do you think you would get?
 Now, I was a total Harry Potter nerd about this question 
and went and got myself sorted... (here).
 I've always liked to think I was in Gryffindor, well for
obvious reasons. But, always thought I'd be in
one of the others.
Then off I went to get sorted, and it turned out I 
was destined for Gryffindor after all! Yay!!

Want to Get Sorted?

a Gryffindor!

 Rupert's face :'(

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 5

Your Favourite Male Character and Why?
 Now do I say Harry, which is the obvious choice?
Or Dumbledore, or Sirius or Ron? For them simply
to be my favourite is hard, for example I admire 
Ron for his loyalty and honesty, but I don't think
he's my most favourite character.
 I cant answer this question with one definitive 
character, its too hard and there's too many 
character's that I would consider to be my 
 So because of this, I'm going to say Lupin is 
one of my most favourites. He teaches Harry
so much about himself as well as magic.
He also tells Harry so much about his,
parents and for a while is the closest thing 
Harry has to a father figure.
And ultimately gives his life for Harry's, like
Sirius and James did before him.

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 4

Your least favourite female character and why?
 There are a few characters that I don't particularly like.
My first thought was Bellatrix, but she is so deliciously 
evil that I have a love / hate relationship with.
I then remembered Umbridge, and her, essentially,
ethnic cleansing of Hogwarts.
 Yet its hard to completely hate Umbridge. She does
what she does, not out of pure evil, but in a genuine
belief that she is doing the right thing.  
 Also, I don't like her laugh. Or her cardigans.

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 3

Which (if any) of the films annoyed you the most, because 
they missed important parts of the book?
 I think most people have answered with this and its the Goblet 
of fire. Its one of my favourite books, but the film definitely 
annoys me. The pacing is too slow and you don't feel the depth
 of emotion you do in the book, due to the lack of plot development.
There are huge parts of the plot line that are simply missed out,
 and so much character development! I feel all of the Barty 
Crouch thread was not properly explained in the film, 
and you only maintained your understanding of the film if you
 had read the book.
 I also think Fleur and the other champions don't play enough
 prominence for their roles later in the series.
Snape's involvement also wasn't in enough depth. 

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 2

Your favourite of the 6 and a half films so far?
 Another tough question. But, I think its got to be the 
philosophers stone. Its where the magic began and is
always the first harry potter dvd I reach for. 
 I simply love seeing Harry's life before the world
of Hogwarts and Voldemort. Harry is treated little 
better than a servant in his uncles home and he over
comes them, in the same way he goes on to conquer 
everything else, without pomp and circumstance.
I love the humility in Harry's character.
 And of course the words that every Potter fan
secretly still longs to hear; "You're a wizard Harry..."

Harry Potter Challenge - Day 1

Your favourite of the 7 books
 This is a hard one, I love all of the books. I love them all in
different ways. But, if I had to choose one, it would be the 
deathly hallows.
 It shows all of the characters in their true 
lights, you can make a final judgement on the characters 
after thinking you knew everything about them. Characters 
also come into their own, Neville especially.   

 I could wang on about this forever so I'll close with this; the
deathly hallows perfectly brings together the series. All of 
the tiny little details you thought insignificant in the earlier
books turn out to be a major piece of the plot. I don't feel like 
I can do this question justice within a blog post, so I'll leave it
here. For now...

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge

Day 1: Your Favourite of the 7 books
Day 2: Your Favourite of the 6 and a half movies so far?
Day 3: Which (if any) of the films annoyed you the most, because they missed important parts of the book?
Day 4: Your least favourite female character, and why?
Day 5: Your favourite male character, and why?
Day 6: What house would you want to be in? And which house do you think you would get?
Day 7: Your favourite female character, and why?
Day 8: What do you think would be your favourite subject at Hogwarts?
Day 9: Your least favourite male character, and why?
Day 10: Pick your favourite Horcrux
Day 11: Pick a character that you can relate to the most
Day 12: Your favourite couple?
Day 13: Your least favourite of the 6 and a half movies so far?
Day 14: Pick one... Team Voldemort or Team Harry?
Day 15: Who would be your best friend(s) at Hogwarts? (Pick up to 3)
Day 16: Your favourite professor?
Day 17: What would your wand be made of? (Pick a core and wood)
Day 18: Your least favourite of the 7 books?
Day 19: Do you prefer the books or the films, and why?
Day 20: If you could meet ONE member of the cast, who would it be, and why?
Day 21: If you could bring ONE of the characters back to life, who would it be and why?
Day 22: Harry Potter or Twilight, and why?
Day 23: Which part of each book (if there is a part) makes you cry?
Day 24: Is there a scene you would have liked to see in any film that wasn't in there?
Day 25: Did you read The Tales of Beedle the Bard?
Day 26: If you were able to use ONE spell without a wand, what would you choose and why?
Day 27: Which would you rather have, The Resurection stone, the Invisibility cloak or the Elder wand, and why?
Day 28: Who would be your nemesis at Hogwarts?
Day 29: What is your favourite wizarding animal?
Day 30: Which of the Weasley brother's is the best?

Emi's persuaded me to do this, check out her answers (and her brilliant blog) here...