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Harry Potter Challenge - Day 3

Which (if any) of the films annoyed you the most, because 
they missed important parts of the book?
 I think most people have answered with this and its the Goblet 
of fire. Its one of my favourite books, but the film definitely 
annoys me. The pacing is too slow and you don't feel the depth
 of emotion you do in the book, due to the lack of plot development.
There are huge parts of the plot line that are simply missed out,
 and so much character development! I feel all of the Barty 
Crouch thread was not properly explained in the film, 
and you only maintained your understanding of the film if you
 had read the book.
 I also think Fleur and the other champions don't play enough
 prominence for their roles later in the series.
Snape's involvement also wasn't in enough depth. 

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