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Harry Potter Challenge - Day 5

Your Favourite Male Character and Why?
 Now do I say Harry, which is the obvious choice?
Or Dumbledore, or Sirius or Ron? For them simply
to be my favourite is hard, for example I admire 
Ron for his loyalty and honesty, but I don't think
he's my most favourite character.
 I cant answer this question with one definitive 
character, its too hard and there's too many 
character's that I would consider to be my 
 So because of this, I'm going to say Lupin is 
one of my most favourites. He teaches Harry
so much about himself as well as magic.
He also tells Harry so much about his,
parents and for a while is the closest thing 
Harry has to a father figure.
And ultimately gives his life for Harry's, like
Sirius and James did before him.

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