Search... and destroy

"Because I grew up with her, that girl is smart and a big part of me. 
Sometimes I even dream of it, imagine her adventures. It’s very
hard to take time off from the world of Harry Potter. They were my
family, we lived together.
 Daniel Radcliffe is an adorable boy, generous, energetic. It’s quite
strange, but the complicity that links Harry, Ron and Hermione
were reflected in real life.
 I felt sad,destabilized. Harry Potter was my cocoon. I’ll have to find
my marks, my bearings, a new universe."
Translated loosely from french. 

"A kiss may ruin a human life."
                               -Oscar Wilde

"I constantly refer to Daniel kind of being the inspiration. 
He really was, man - ‘cause he’s there every day. 16 hours
a day. And when he’s told that he can go home, he hangs
around for morale and makes sure everyone’s in good spirits.
Yeah, I mean, one day he was Maggie Smith’s P.A., I think just 
for the fun of being on the set. He’s such an inspiration, 
especially for all the kids that still call us. I had an eighth of his 
workload and yet, I was still finding myself getting stressed out.
 He was a constant reminder to be grateful.

So he’s the hero on the set, as well?
Yeah! He really was! It’s very fitting. Daniel is, basically, 
Harry. He is the hero, for sure."

-Tom Felton