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Harry Potter Challenge - Day 1

Your favourite of the 7 books
 This is a hard one, I love all of the books. I love them all in
different ways. But, if I had to choose one, it would be the 
deathly hallows.
 It shows all of the characters in their true 
lights, you can make a final judgement on the characters 
after thinking you knew everything about them. Characters 
also come into their own, Neville especially.   

 I could wang on about this forever so I'll close with this; the
deathly hallows perfectly brings together the series. All of 
the tiny little details you thought insignificant in the earlier
books turn out to be a major piece of the plot. I don't feel like 
I can do this question justice within a blog post, so I'll leave it
here. For now...

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